Industrial Charge Air Coolers

August 20, 2014 Ellet Radiator Service

What are industrial charge air coolers?

For optimal performance, the engines of industrial or heavy-duty equipment have been designed to use compressed and cooled air. Usually, air is first compressed by a turbocharger (exhaust-gas driven, engine driven) with a mechanically or electrically powered blower and then cooled by the industrial charge air cooler. The compressed and cooled air allows the engine to operate

  • with optimal power;
  • by using the least amount of fuel for superior fuel efficiency; and
  • at a lower operating temperature than without it.

Because industrial charge air coolers must operate in harsh conditions, they’re usually fabricated from aluminum alloys to withstand the thermal fluctuations, pressure changes, high moisture, vibrations, and other destructive forces acting on industrial equipment.

How do industrial charge air coolers fail?

Only about half of the industrial charge air coolers that we see fail because the turbocharger failed. The other 50% fail because of cracks in the tubes or in the joints between the tubes and headers. Whereas a charge air cooler failure resulting from a failed turbocharger occurs as a single event, and a failure resulting from cracks usually happens gradually over time.

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Should failed charge air coolers be replaced?

It is not always necessary to replace industrial charge air coolers. If you’ve noticed a loss of power, increased fuel consumption, elevated coolant temperature, or any other sign that leads you to believe that there’s a problem with your charge air cooler, you should have it tested and repaired before a failure occurs.

Any industrial charge air coolers that have failed as a result of a failed turbocharger must be recored or replaced.

Ellet Radiator tests, repairs, and replaces industrial charge air coolers

At Ellet Radiator, the testing, repair, recoring, and replacement of charge air coolers are vital parts of our business. We are a local company that you can trust—one with expert knowledge of charge air cooler parts and service. In addition to having an extensive parts inventory, we work with warehouses and distributors that allow us access to anything you might need. Whether you need to have your industrial charge air coolers tested, repaired, recored, or replaced, have the work done professionally and quickly at Ellet.

Choose Ellet for your industrial charge air cooler needs

  • The experts at Ellet can repair or recore your industrial charge air coolers same day if needed.
  • An Ellet technician can special order replacement charge air coolers for immediate delivery.
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  • Ellet has more than 55 years of dedicated experience.

Don’t wait until your industrial charge air coolers suffer catastrophic failure

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