Charge Air Coolers

August 9, 2012 Ellet Radiator Service

charge air coolerCharge air coolers, also known as intercoolers, are used to cool your engine air before it enters the engine. This creates optimum power for the combustion process within your engine. At Ellet Radiator, charge air coolers is just another vital part of our business.  Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty charge air cooler, or just a small application we are here to help. If your application has a charge air cooler in it, you can bet we have the parts and service to help you out.

If you have noticed a loss of engine power, increased fuel consumption, elevated coolant temperature, or any other signs of charge air cooler failure, it’s time to find the best shop in town who is ready to test and repair or replace your charge air cooler. And that shop is Ellet Radiator. We are a local company you can trust with expert knowledge of the charge air cooler parts and service you need. We have competitive prices on all our charge air coolers too!

At Ellet Radiator you will get the best possible charge air cooler service available. Aside from having a myriad of products in stock and on hand, we also have other warehouses and distributors so we always have access to anything we might need. This helps us get the job done for you, as quickly and professionally as possible.

Why Choose Ellet Radiator For Your Charge Air Cooler Needs?

  • We can repair or recore your charge air cooler or special order same day if needed.
  • We’ll beat or match any competitor price on your charge air cooler.
  • Over 55 years of dedicated experience with charge air coolers.

How To Get Your Charge Air Cooler Fast!

  • Find your charge air cooler oem part #.
  • Figure out your application, product model or type.
  • Give us a call for immediate response or fill out our contact form.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See What Others Are Saying About Us!

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“It’s nice to see there is still a shop that can do repairs. Most places just want to sell me a new part.” Thanks

Our charge air cooler products include but are not licharge air cooler semi truckmited to:

We can quickly help you find the charge air cooler you need over the phone but not until you call us at (330) 784-8226.  You can also take a moment to fill out our contact form so you can get service you need.