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November 27, 2013 Ellet Radiator Service

Your tractor can mean the difference between getting the work done and watching your harvest rot in the field. There’s no down time on a farm. Work starts early and continues until late. That means your farm tractor needs to be up to the job every day. The radiator in your farm tractor plays a large part in keeping your tractor up and working. Ellet Radiator can deal with all of your farm tractor radiator needs.

Consequences of your farm tractor radiator overheating

When your radiator overheats, it effects much more than just the radiator. In fact, it can lead to serious damage in your engine. In some cases, you may find yourself with a blown head gasket. Once the head gasket cools, you will then have to deal with combustion and coolant leaks.

In addition, if your antifreeze gets to the point it is boiling, watch out. Older radiators can actually burst. Also, pistons can seize and cause engine damage.

How to keep your radiator running in top form

To keep your radiator running well, don’t forget to take a look at the following from time to time:

  • Internal clogging
  • External clogging
  • Cracks
  • Excessive antifreeze

Why Choose Ellet Radiator For Service?

  • Over 55 years of dedicated experience.
  • We stand behind everything we service and sell with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We always strive to give the customer what they want and need at the fairest price.

How To Get Service Fast!

  • Find oem part # or model that needs serviced.
  • Call (330) 784-8226 for expert service or
  • Please contact us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.  See What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Service

Ellet Radiator Service

“A stick went into the radiator on our D6 dozer. They came out to the job site and repaired the radiator. Kept our down time to a minimum. Thanks”

Call us when you need help.

Simple maintenance should keep your farm tractor running well. With that said, there are times that even with regular maintenance you will need repairs or need to replace your radiator.

When that’s the case, think of Ellet Radiator. We carry hundreds of radiator parts and radiators. Also, we can do all the repairs or installations for you, so you can get down to business and get the job done.

When farm tractor radiators are what you need, come visit us at Ellet Radiator. We’ve got you covered. Come by today!

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