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January 24, 2014 Ellet Radiator Service

Are you looking for Honda radiators in Ohio? Honda owners know the importance of quality parts and service when it comes to their vehicles. Proper care and maintenance of the engine is crucial to an automobile’s health.  Without an efficient radiator, your engine could overheat and cause damage to other parts of the vehicle. At Ellet Radiator, we specialize in vehicle repair and maintenance. With our extensive inventory of Honda radiators and other parts, all of your automobile needs are just an email, phone call, or short drive away.

Our Products

Radiator may be in our name, but they’re not the only thing we sell. We offer a wide variety of parts and components for just about every car, truck, van, or forklift you can think of. From air and oil coolers, to heat exchangers and a/c condensers, we’ve got the vehicle parts you need, at prices that you can afford.

Why Choose Ellet Radiator For Service?

  • Over 55 years of dedicated experience.
  • We stand behind everything we service and sell with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We always strive to give the customer what they want and need at the fairest price.

How To Get Service Fast!

  • Find oem part # or model that needs serviced.
  • Call (330) 784-8226 for expert service or
  • Please contact us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. See What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Service

Ellet Radiator Service

“It’s nice to see there is still a shop that can do repairs. Most places just want to sell me a new part.” Thanks

What Sets Us Apart

With over 55 years of dedicated service, Ellet Radiator is Northeast Ohio’s most experienced vehicle parts store. Our service and equipment have both evolved with the industry over the years, and we’ve become a more creative, more diversified business as a result.

What sets us apart from the big box stores and our other competitors is our commitment to you – our customers. Our employees take pride in being the best at what they do. We offer 100% satisfaction on all of our parts and services, and always strive to make our customers happy. Ellet Radiator is a local company, with local employees. We don’t outsource our customer service like the majority of our competitors do. Personal service and customer focus are our number one priorities.

Contact Us for Honda Radiators in Ohio

Great service, top-notch products, and quality prices are what you can expect from Ellet Radiator. Contact us today for a quote, service request, or to speak with an experienced technician. We look forward to hearing from you!

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