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August 9, 2012 Ellet Radiator Service

About Ellet RadiatorEllet Radiator Service INC, was established in 1957. We’ve had steady growth throughout the years and expanded our shop in 1976, due to the growth in the service of heavy equipment radiators. With numerous and constant changes in the industry, we have made numerous and constant changes to our equipment as technology has allowed, and we’ve continued to enjoy steady growth.  We’ve become more creative, more diversified and we stock more radiators, complete truck radiators, and gas tanks than ever before. We also are now doing more mechanical work, brakes, shocks, struts, intakes and head work.

Everyone here at Ellet Radiator Service strives to be the Best in our field and to give our Customers what they Want and Need, at the Fairest Price. We also Promise the Best Service and Quality Products that each Customer Expects and Deserves and we will Stand behind everything we sell. Ellet Radiator Service has been in the same location for 55 years and we plan on being here for even more, we’re not going anywhere!

So if you’re looking for a reputable company with 50+ years of dedicated experience, cutting edge technology and first class service at a fair price, give us a call and put Ellet Radiator Service to work for you!