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November 1, 2012 Ellet Radiator Service

When it comes to radiator repair, Ohio residents know that the place to go for the best service is Ellet Radiator Service in Akron, where the parts will always be in stock. We have thousands of parts in our warehouse, so there is rarely any need to order anything. The parts we need for your vehicle or equipment repairs will be here, and we carry parts for all makes and models, including antique vehicles. Other automotive supply stores may have some parts, but a lot of the time what you need just isn’t there, and they have to order it. This won’t happen to you at Ellet Radiator Service, the place for radiator repair Ohio residents go to first.

Why Choose Ellet Radiator For Service?

  • Over 55 years of dedicated experience.
  • We stand behind everything we service and sell with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We always strive to give the customer what they want and need at the fairest price.

How To Get Service Fast!

  • Find oem part # or model that needs serviced.
  • Call (330) 784-8226 for expert service or
  • Please contact us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.  See What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Service

Ellet Radiator Service

“It’s nice to see there is still a shop that can do repairs. Most places just want to sell me a new part.” Thanks

Regular vehicle and equipment maintenance is important, because we all need to know that our vehicles are safe to drive and our equipment is in proper running order. When you have problems with your radiator, it can lead to all kinds of other issues if the problems aren’t taken care of right away. Sometimes, it is something just as simple as needing to have the radiator flushed or having the coolant topped off. You can find out when you take advantage of the great radiator repair Ohio residents have been using since 1957 at Ellet Radiator Service.

Don’t wait until it is too late to have your radiator repaired. You can do a lot of your own maintenance to save money, but you should leave the big jobs to the experts in radiator repair Ohio residents have known and trusted for more than 55 years, Ellet Radiator Service. Don’t forget to ask about other services offered in addition to vehicle and equipment radiator repair.  Drop by the warehouse at 2802 Albrecht Ave. in Akron, or call 330-783-8226.

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